Easy to Learn Blackjack Tips for Beginners

Blackjack is quite a fascinating casino game. It requires observation and mathematical calculation too. Every decision you take in this game affects the house edge. Therefore, it is very important to try and learn some strategies that will help you make better choices during the course of the game. However, Blackjack strategies can appear confusing and difficult to understand at the first sight. Therefore, before you even get started, you can feel discouraged from only looking at the Blackjack strategies.

The reality, however, is that the strategies aren’t that hard to learn. Just by following some basic tips, you can become a dominant player and reduce the upper edge of the house. You can easily pick up on the following tips and improve your odds at the game tremendously. So here we go, let us take a glimpse at some of the basic tips for beginners.

Paying attention

This may come to you as a surprise but hitting or standing has nothing to do when it comes to mastering online/Live Blackjack. Rather paying attention has much more importance in a game of Blackjack. All mathematicians and seasoned online Blackjack players will tell you the same thing: you cannot beat the Blackjack odds in the long run. However, it is possible to forecast when you will get streaks of good cards and poor cards.

Imagine tossing a coin 50 times. Streaks of heads and streaks of tails are going to be there. Your primary goal should be to search and play at tables that will make it easy to forecast and realize when and where these streaks are occurring so that you can make better choices in the game.

Card decks

Picking games that use as few card decks as possible is one of the best tips. It is better to play single-deck Blackjack tournaments, though it is very unusual for an online casino to offer this form of the game.

Many people will also tell you that if you use fewer card decks to play online Blackjack, card counting will work well. But you need to note that when you play online, card counting doesn’t work. This is because the online casinos use a Random Number Generator and the decks of cards are immediately re-shuffled. This makes it immensely difficult for players to count cards when playing online. However, it will help you learn the ropes quicker if you play with fewer decks of cards.

Read the table

 Several new casino sites provide numerous variations of online Blackjack games with various payouts. However, always remember that a Blackjack table that pays out at 3 to 2 would give you more profit than another game that pays out at 6 to 5.

  • Additionally, a table that allows the dealer to hit on a soft 17 would give the casino more money and not so much for you.
  • If another variant enables you to offer up a poor hand against the more strong card of a dealer, it would be safer for you.
  • Learn the rules of the table before you play and remember to play the variations that you know well. Don’t pick an online Blackjack game at random.

Select a player-friendly rules table

  • The fact that every table is the same is one of the main myths about Blackjack. Players should recognise that the stakes vary from table to table and they should also keep in mind that the rules may be different as well.
  • If you play for a long time, you can pick up on the rule differences. But if you immediately grasp the differences, you’ll be better off. At tables with player-friendly rules, you have a greater odds of winning. It reduces the advantage of the house and increases your chances.

Small start

If you have just arrived at the table, don’t go on turbo mode at once. Begin tiny to assess the scenario, i.e. if the dealer is “hot or cold”. The casino never comes to a halt, but you can do it. Your game can be profoundly influenced by hot and cold streaks. Recognise these streaks and play accordingly.

Don’t buy into the myths of gamblers

You should not be influenced by the actions of other players at the table. You’re up against the dealer alone. And do not listen to any other player who’s pretending to be an expert. Just concentrate and play the right game using simple strategies.

Don’t go all-in

Give yourself enough money to double or split your hand. In Blackjack, there is no more frustrating situation than being dealt two aces and not having enough cash to split, or hitting and busting for two face cards. Keep your bankroll under control and bet according to the flow of the game.

Blackjack doubling down

Doubling down is another option that you can use to your favour when you play Blackjack. The mastering of the art of doubling down is to understand the right hands on which you can use this option.

Try to stick to online Blackjack

  • Both land-based and online casinos may deliver Blackjack games that are fascinating. However, when you play online, the odds of finding better games are more.
  • Gaming sites don’t need to pay sellers or cover high utility bills, unlike land-based casinos. Hence, they can provide much more tables/games at a comparatively cheaper cost enabled by their server.
  • As a result, online casinos are typically more forgiving with the rules and the edge of the house. Chances are you could select any internet Blackjack game arbitrarily and reap less than a 1% house advantage (i.e. 99% + RTP).
  • Nonetheless, before selecting a seat at any online casino table, you should also review the rules. You can just do it by choosing the information option and searching for the rules field. You can see which rules are in play on the details panel. It can also show the overall benefit of the house in certain situations.
  • The latter is really useful because it indicates your exact odds of winning without you having to take a deep dive into the rules.
  • Few Blackjack games on the internet pay more than others. That being said, you can browse around for the right choices and look for them. One of the great websites to start your Blackjack journey could be Winissimo.

Know the Basic Strategy maps

  • In Blackjack, rules consistency and expert tactics go hand-in-hand. Without mixing all elements, you cannot lower the house edge to its lowest level. As described before, the technique for Blackjack is not as complicated as it would initially seem. Once you know the techniques to use, it is pretty straightforward. There are Blackjack strategy maps present to help you do that. 
  • Blackjack strategy maps give you the games that you can play based on the dealer’s show card and your overall score. Strategy maps can be found on many blogs and by image searches.
  • Another useful method that you can consider using is Blackjack trainers. A trainer is a free software program that points out where and when you make errors. Trainers are good because they encourage you to practice Blackjack. 
  • In the case of land-based casinos, before making decisions, you cannot always have time to return to the map. Well, if you happen to look at a map before making any choices, the dealer and fellow players may tend to get irritated.

Do not take insurance or other side bets

  • Blackjack, like most card games, features side bets and insurance. The action is spiced up with these extra wagers and gives you a chance to win extra money. However, you’re best off playing the game straight and avoid these alternate possibilities.
  • When the dealer reveals an ace-up deck, casinos offer you insurance. You are paying 50% of the initial bet on insurance. In return, if the dealer still has a natural Blackjack, you get a 2-to-1 payout on insurance. In principle, this proposition sounds good and in the case of a dealer’s 21, it does not cost you much and covers you. However, the chances of the dealer keeping a 10-value card are just 31% and you are also facing a 7% house edge in insurance, even with the 2-to-1 payout.
  • Other side bets for Blackjack are not any easier and in some situations, much worse. A prime indicator of how poor these bets are in the long run is proven by Lucky Ladies. It gives queens and other pairs-based payouts. When you have a pair of queens along with the dealer having a natural, you will win up to 1,000:1.
  • The major payouts from Lucky Ladies are no question tempting. However, when contemplating the 24.7% house advantage, you will find that this wager is not that beneficial.
  • Provided that they bring some amusement value, you can make side bets on Blackjack. However, you should be prepared to risk more money in these wagers as a general rule of thumb than what you would by playing the game straight.

Check for bonuses and promotions for Blackjack

  • You don’t have to depend on winning money from online Blackjack tables alone. You can also pick up extra money through bonuses.
  • A welcome bonus that is based on the first deposit is provided by most online casinos. You could apply for a 100% match bonus for instance.
  • You could be privy to a free bet while playing Live Dealer Blackjack. This opportunity gives you a chance to win back any (potential) losses from your first wager. But before having money from deposit incentives, free bets, or some other form of deal, you have to read and review the terms and conditions properly.
  • A highly relevant concept is playthrough (a.k.a. rollover). The rollover dictates how much you will need to wager/bet before you can withdraw any of your winnings.
  • That said, before going for any Blackjack bonus, you should read all of the T&Cs. But even with the T&Cs, Blackjack promotions are worth the effort. They can make up for some of your losses or boost your winnings.


Blackjack appears like a difficult game in contrast to casino games such as slots and Roulette. However, with very little effort, you can learn Blackjack strategy. Blackjack is a friendly game and has a lower house advantage ensuring that you can gain more often and play on the same bankroll longer if you play the right way. Using the Blackjack tips and tricks listed above will give you a clear command over simple Blackjack strategy.

Make sure to use your simple strategy card always, never take insurance, never play at a table that gives a Blackjack payoff of less than 3 to 2 and find the right rules. With these tips, you may lower the house edge to under 1%. Assuming you know how to play Blackjack very well, you might even consider counting cards in the future too. Good luck there!