Online Roulette

What is the game that comes into your mind when all you can think of is thrill, excitement and lots of fun? If your answer is ‘Roulette’, congrats! You are among the 99.9% of people who have ever been to a casino before. 

Roulette is the most thrilling and exciting game that a casino can offer. The fun doubles when you can get to play this spinning wheel game at the comfort of your home. It was only in the early 2000s when the online Roulette was introduced, but ever since its invention, the spectrum of what can happen over a Roulette table has grown exponentially. Here is how it all started.

History of Online Roulette

Although the history of Roulette, the classic version, seems uncertain in the sands of times. Online Roulette was developed only after the internet was invented over the span of the 1980s and early 90s. Various companies foresaw the potential of the internet, and soon the first online casinos were established. Classic games like Blackjack and Roulette were the first to be introduced in the online casino premise. The popularity of online Roulette soon reached the doors of casino lovers, but soon people started to realise that the lack of a lively environment made the gaming experience boring. Hence, new and entertaining variants of the same old game began to circulate and the top online casinos of that time started to capitalise on them. Online casinos kept growing and capturing vivid terrains across the globe to this day where they have become the most preferred thrilling game of any casino. 

And so, we, at Winsimmo Casino, provide the best online Roulette variants available in addition to the classic design of Roulette online game for our players to enjoy. 

Online Roulette and its elements

Online Roulette is not the most complicated game to understand if you know how the game progresses. The online casino game is played in a way very similar to the real-life Roulette table, the difference is that here you will have to make your moves by clicking on your devices. Let’s understand the online Roulette gameplay set up in detail. 

The game starts with you being asked to place your bet from the various options provided by the online casino. The details of which are given in the next section. Then, the on-screen wheel is spun and the Roulette steel ball is shot at the rotating wheel. The Random Number Generator, designed to produce impartial and unmanipulated random results, does its job and makes the ball land on a random number. Then the winner/winners on the table are decided according to the result of the game. 

Types of bets you can place in Online Roulette

All the players who are here to enjoy the game are also here to make something out of it. Therefore, we take it as our responsibility to enlighten our players with the types of bets they can place in a game of online casino Roulette, inside out. 

Bets are the most important part of this evergreen game thaTypes of bets you can place in Online Roulettet a player should know if he wants to enjoy the game to the fullest. There are a number of bets that you can choose from when we talk about the common types of Roulette that are available on our casino. The so-called common types of Roulette are :

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette

The basic bets you can place in all the above versions and more are:

  • Inside bets

    When you place a bet on a number or set of number, that is defined by some kind of progression or sequence, it is called an Inside bet. Here are the sequences you can place your bet on:

  • Straight

    Here you place your bet on a single number.

  • Split

    When you place your bet on two consecutive numbers on the Roulette wheel, it is called a Split Inside bet.

  • Street

    A street is a bet where you choose three adjacent numbers for the ball to land. 

  • Corner

    Calling for a corner bet signifies that you can place your bet on 4 different numbers

  • Line

    Placing your bet on a series of 5 numbers is called Line bet.

  • Outside bets

    Unlike the Inside bets, here you can place your bet on the whole theme. If you don’t know, a Roulette wheel is categorised into various different themes, that are:

  • Red/Black

    The Roulette wheel has numbers inscribed on 37 different slots, every alternate slot is of black and red colours, apart from the green slot dedicated for zero/zeroes. This move lets you place your bet on all the red slot numbers or the black slot numbers.

  • Odd/Even

    This is simple maths. Under this outside bet, you are allowed to place your bet on all the odd/even numbers at a time.

  • Low/High

    The numbers on the Roulette wheel are also categorised on the basis of their values. The numbers with a value less than 19 are called Low and the others are called High. You can choose to bet between the two categories.

  • Dozen

    You can bet on a set of 12 numbers and the odds here are 2:1.

How to get started with online Roulette at Winsimmo Casino

Playing online Roulette at Winisimmo Casino is a task that requires negligible efforts. Just sign-up with our casino by providing the necessary details. Your details will then be verified for age restriction and identity authenticity. Once all the verifications are done, you can simply log in to your Winissimo Casino account and click on the casino section to find your favourite casino game of online Roulette. Oh! We forgot to tell you, you can also play online Roulette games just by ticking on Roulette to set a filter on all the games. What more can you ask for!