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Mobile Roulette

Roulette was one of the most popular and played games in brick and mortar casinos for several years. With the launch of online casinos and online Roulette’s inclusion, it has now become famous with online casino gamers as well.

Online Roulette was available since the first online casinos were created in the 1990s. At the time, software companies concentrated on one thing – making the online Roulette games as authentic as possible. Now, with further technology innovation, modern online Roulette games incorporate innovative and exciting features. Online Roulette gave way to live Roulette, and then came mobile Roulette.

Gone are the days when online desktop casinos were the only choice for players who wanted to play Roulette from their homes. Most prominent casino operators have taken full advantage of the latest technological developments to offer Roulette players the chance to enjoy their preferred Roulette game on-the-go. These operators either operate mobile HTML5 casinos or have built specific apps for wide-range mobile or handheld devices. Much of the widely played game types, such as European, French and American Roulette (and even lesser known alternatives not available at land-based casinos) are readily available for smartphone play.

Difference between playing Roulette online and mobile Roulette

Mobile gaming has become all the rage in the last few years, but how is it different from desktop gaming? It is better to look at the following brief distinction between the two to address this query.

  • First of all, the whole process of playing mobile Roulette has a distinct atmosphere in comparison to playing Roulette on PC. The games were quite clunky when smartphone Roulette games were first launched. Freezes and lags were frequent problems that people faced. But with the advances in mobile technologies and the launch of 4G network technology, these issues have been fixed. Mobile Roulette games now run as seamlessly as their computer counterparts, if you have a decent internet connection.
  • Players with cellular wireless internet connectivity can also download a casino app on their smartphones instead of playing on the screen of their computers. Most downloadable apps save the player’s development so that the gaming session continues from where it was left off.
  • Mobile Roulette can be a little challenging since there is not enough screen space on certain phones, and players sometimes can’t see precisely what’s happening on the screen. Fortunately, some tech developers have specially optimised their mobile Roulette games with an uncomplicated interface, which functions well enough on smaller displays. Of course, inadequate screen space is not a concern if you load your favourite Roulette variant on your tablet.
  • Visual output is another way in which mobile Roulette games are distinct from desktop variants. Many mobile Roulette games will impress you immediately with their simpler and lighter graphics, as the higher resolution of the touchscreen makes them noticeable.
  • In general, smartphone Roulette games are compact in contrast to other casino games like video slots. You will experience greater versatility when you simply play your favourite game anywhere at any time. 
  • Finally, several mobile casinos also offer Live Roulette games with dealers, enabling you to enjoy an authentic and immersive gaming session whether you are eating your lunch or are travelling on the train.

Some of the Roulette games available for mobile

An increasing number of game developers are refining their latest mobile Roulette games to suit the needs of discerning players. Some games are specially designed for tablets and smartphones. Here are some of the most exciting versions of mobile Roulette:

American Roulette Gold

Thanks to its enhanced gameplay and better graphics, this double-zero edition of the Gold Series is particularly soft on the eye. The developers have made sure that the game runs smoothly on handheld devices such as iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Please note that while American Roulette Gold is mobile-compatible, it requires some system configurations and cannot load on older devices that do not follow those criteria. Besides, you can enjoy a variety of useful features like history, autoplay and statistics on the smartphone edition of the app.

101 Roulette

This mobile Roulette game offers an unexpected twist and a selection of fun features. One of the most enjoyable aspects, which cannot be found in the games of other suppliers, is the Lucky Numbers Wager. It allows players to gamble on all numbers around their chosen numbers automatically. The Fast Bet feature is just as convenient as it enables Roulette fans to wager on all numbers in the same row or column with their chosen numbers.

Roulette Touch

This is a single zero Roulette variant, where you can benefit from a diminished house edge as its wheel has just 37 pockets. Much attention is given to the specifics. The game is much more immersive when enjoyed on handheld devices. The game has a number of realistic features such as Autoplay and Quick Spin, which allows you to go through up to 1,000 games without clicking the spin button. Roulette Touch embraces all commonly adopted Android OS, Windows OS and iOS devices.

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette

A favourite for many Roulette fans because this game plays on an expanded wheel with a limit of 105 pockets rather than the normal 37/38 divisions. Other features that support the player include Lucky Numbers, Turbo Mode and Fast Spin.

Premium European Roulette

The game has a detailed wheel and a nicely crafted Roulette table. You can change the gameplay by adjusting the table’s colour, the viewing angle and the direction in which the Roulette wheel rotates. You can also chart previous spins, save some of your beloved bets, and see comprehensive statistics. This game is user-friendly with most devices having Windows OS, Android or iOS.

Who are some of the best mobile Roulette games suppliers?

Mobile Software Provider iOS




Featured Mobile Roulette Game
NetEnt Yes Yes Roulette Advanced
Extreme Live Yes Yes Live Roulette Pro
IGT Yes Yes 3 Wheel Roulette
Playtech Yes Yes Multi Wheel Roulette
Evolution Gaming Yes Yes Immersive Roulette

Which Mobile Roulette games can be found at Winissimo?

You get the benefit of choosing from many versions of this classic game at Winissimo. All these versions display a high-quality gameplay experience with a sense of novelty.

Some of the Roulette variants that you can find at Winissimo are:

  • Immersive Roulette
  • Dolphin’s Roulette
  • Auto Roulette VIP
  • Club Roulette
  • VIP Roulette
  • Live Multiplayer Roulette
  • Premier Roulette

Winissimo Casino also provides immersive models of mobile Roulette rich in sound and graphics. The interface of the games is super smooth, giving players streamlined, mobile gameplay from the convenience of their homes.   

You can explore your favourite online Roulette games anywhere, anytime, along with exciting promotions and bonuses with mobile Roulette at Winissimo. All featured mobile Roulette games are iOS and Android compatible.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the absolute thrill of mobile Roulette play at Winissimo’s mobile casino. Try it now!

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