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Blackjack is an evergreen card game that has seen the blacks and whites of both brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos. Although this card game was enormously famous even at the times of land-based casinos, online casinos have further expanded the reach and diversity of the game. Technology has allowed them to do so. Hence, we, at Winisimmo Casino, make use of the ever-growing technology to provide online Blackjack in the best form available to our players.

How is Online Blackjack played

Playing Blackjack online is way more similar to the real-life Blackjack than you might think. The objective of all the different versions and variations of online Blackjack remains, more or less, the same. You either have to reach a Blackjack by making your hand value closer to a total of 21 or should have a higher value card than that of the dealer (‘computer’ in the case of online Blackjack).

The game process of online Blackjack goes just like the Blackjack you will play offline or at our live casino, which is as follows:

You will be asked to place your bet before the computer starts dealing the cards to the player on board.

You will now be dealt with two cards face up. And then the computer will deal two cards to itself with one face up and one face down.

Now that you have seen your two cards and one card of the dealer/computer you have to make a move from the various options you can choose from. The different moves you can make here are:

  • Hit: This move lets you ask the computer for more cards one by one. You can ask for another card for as many times as you want but make sure you don’t go bust.  A bust is when the total of your card exceeds 21. You lose the game instantly if you go bust. The objective of getting another card is to reach close to 21 and not cross it.
  • Stand: You will find the option ‘Stand’ on the screen of the device you are playing on. This option will tell the dealer that you are happy with the cards you have and would now like to see the results. Once you have decided to ‘Stand’ with your cards you cannot make any further move.
  • Split: This move is only applicable if you have two cards of the same value. For example, two 2’s or two 9’s. In such a case if you go for a split, you will be asked to place another bet and then you will be handed with another card to complete a pair for your twin cards.
  • Double Down: This is the most high-stake move in a game of Blackjack. If you choose to Double Down, you will now have to double your preset bet and then you will be given just one more card before you can stand. So before choosing to Double Down, make sure you are confident that you will have enough total value of cards to fight or win after the final card is dealt with.
  • Surrender: This is the safest option to go for if your luck is not in your favour and you feel that you don’t have the chance to win as surrendering the cards will let you take back some of your lost bet depending on the casino and game variant of online Blackjack.

After making these moves, your card and the dealer’s cards are compared and the one with the higher value wins. You lose your bet straight away if you lose the round, but if you win you will take home winnings according to the payout ratio set by the game provider.

Seeking help at Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the rare casino games that let you make your own decisions within the gameplay. In fact, this is one of the many facts about this game that make it unique. Games like Roulette and Baccarat, give you only one option i.e. to decide the type of bet you want to place. Further, you can only sit and watch the game take its turns. But this same uniqueness of online Blackjack also makes it difficult for beginners to understand the game and play it right away.

Playing online Blackjack needs even better understanding when different variants of the classic game are introduced. Do bear in mind that there is no one particular Blackjack strategy that can guarantee you a win. Hence, before you use any Blackjack strategy make sure that you are aware of its implications thoroughly. Here at our site, you will find several variants of the game that are similar but different from each other in different aspects.

Also, at times, it becomes difficult to play the game with the basic game process. Imagine if this happens after you have deposited your money and have entered the game. The one option that can be your saviour in crisis is the ‘Help’ button on your screens. The ‘Help’ button directs you to a page that tells you about the rules, payout, exceptions and how to win details. Now you can start betting with the prerequisite knowledge you have acquired.

The various Online Blackjack games you can play at Winissimo

As mentioned earlier, this classic Blackjack online game has several variants that exist at our brand new casino. All these variants are different from each other in different ways, like the minimum stake, types of bets allowed etc. Some of the best online Blackjack variants  you can find at our online casino are:

  • Blackjack VIP – This is a variant that requires you to place a high minimum bet, making the version exclusive for the experienced players who know the game well enough to invest large sums.
  • 3D Blackjack -This version is unlike any other online variant of the game. The online game is displayed in 3D, i.e. more realistic.
  • Blackjack Party – This new variant lets you place two additional bets apart from the basic gameplay of Blackjack. These two bets are perfect pairs and 21+3 bets. Learn more about them in the game.
  • Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo – A standard Blackjack game is played with 6-decks usually. Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo is played with mere 2 decks and therefore it allows the option to place a new bet called Hi-Lo.
  • Blackjack High Roller – While the first variant we talked here had a high minimum bet, this variant allows the players to place very high-value bets. The more your bet, the more thrilling it becomes to play Blackjack High-Roller.
  • Blackjack Odds – The secret towards becoming a competent blackjack player is to grasp both the blackjack odds of succeeding as well as the proper blackjack strategy. However there is no one size-fits-all strategy to use.The secret towards becoming a competent blackjack player is to grasp both the blackjack odds of succeeding as well as the proper blackjack strategy. However there is no one size-fits-all strategy to use.
  • Multi-Hand Premier Blackjack – Multi-Hand Blackjack is one of the best variants of Blackjack. It features some of the most spectacular visuals and betting options that you won’t find elsewhere. The special feature of this Blackjack game is the allowance to play with different odds at one time.

Does Winissimo offer mobile Blackjack?

Of course, without a doubt! We, at Winissimo Casino, offer players with an exceptional mobile Blackjack experience without any hassles. All the Blackjack variants offered by us are compatible with both iOS and Android devices seamlessly. In addition to these, you can grab exclusive casino bonuses and promotions offered by us from time to time.

With Winisimo mobile Blackjack, you can access all your favourite online Blackjack games anywhere, anytime from the comforts of your home instantly with just a click of a button. The gaming interface is super-smooth accompanied by mesmerising visuals, design and gameplay features.

So, gear up and get set to experience mobile gaming at its best with Winissimo mobile casino by exploring all the top-notch mobile Blackjack games. Hurry! Play Blackjack online today. Register now!

Why Choose Winisimmo for Playing Blackjack Online?

With so many best Blackjack online casinos to choose from, you might come up with the question of why you should choose Winisimmo to play Blackjack online. Well, to answer this question, we present a list of Winisimmo specialities which you are unlikely to find elsewhere. So let’s get started.

Choosing to play Blackjack online or mobile at Winisimmo Casino will be the most hassle-free experience you would have had in recent times. Why do we say that? The casino that has a large gallery of amazing games to play, has the games categorised on the basis of the type of games and game providers. You can simply log-in to the casino and select Blackjack from the filter at the bottom of the site. Once you click on it, all the different variations of online Blackjack will flash right before you on the screen. Easy enough!

If that is not convincing, you can separately find the top, new, featured and best Blackjack online games on different sections of the main page. This completely eliminates the hassle to find online or mobile Blackjack games that are trending and have released lately.

And yes, of course, we are not missing the bonuses and promotions that are the stars of a good online casino. We have a separate section to showcase the all-in-all bonuses we offer under the ‘promotions’ tab. You don’t have to go page after page to find the bonuses that are applicable.

So what are you waiting for? The top Blackjack online games await your arrival. Further, you can also log in to our mobile casino, if you want to play the game without boundaries. And maybe you will find special offers there. So, play Blackjack Now! Hurry!

We are here to answer you!

At Winissimo, we try to answer as many questions that we are often asked about the game. We hope it helps you clear all your common doubts!

  • 1. Is using a Blackjack strategy like Card Counting illegal?

No, using card counting as a strategy is not illegal. However, the strategy cannot be used in an online Blackjack game.

  • 2. Can anyone cheat in Blackjack?

A player who has the intention of cheating can cheat in any game, be it Blackjack or Poker. Since the game is not present in real, there is no way a player can manipulate the gameplay.

  • 3. How many decks can Blackjack be played with?

This game can be played with any number of decks starting from one to eight. However, most Blackjack games are played with 6 decks.

  • 5. Does the number of decks being used affect the payout of the game?

Yes, the number of decks being used in the game affect the payout. Therefore, one must check the payout ratio and the number of decks being used before playing any variant of Blackjack.

  • 6. What are the special Blackjack terminologies?

Some of the most famous Blackjack terminologies that have not been discussed earlier are:

  • Bust – When your total value of hand crosses 21. You lose the match immediately.
  • Basic strategy – A strategy of playing the game with basic rules and moves.
  • Cut card – The card which used to cut the deck after it has been shuffled.
  • Early surrender – A surrender even after having a good pair of cards. This is usually not allowed in most Blackjack games.
  • Natural – Another name for ‘Blackjack’ – ‘the total of 21 points’.
  • Shoe – A box where the undealt cards are kept.
  • Spread – Placing more than one bet before the cards are dealt.
  • Soft hand – A hand that has an Ace and the Ace is counted as 11 points. This means that the total value of the hand is neither 21 nor exceeds 21.

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Are online Blackjack games rigged at Winissimo?
Online Blackjack games are never rigged. A Random Number Generator (RNG) controls the outcomes of online casino games. If you are concerned about whether our site is trustworthy, Winissimo is licensed and so, our games are tested by an independent company on a regular basis.

Can I watch Live Blackjack games being played at Winissimo?
Not really. With Live Blackjack, you can only play in real-time and not watch Live Blackjack games being played.

How can I start playing for real money at Winissimo?
Well, all you need to do is sign up with Winissimo by entering all your relevant details, fulfil the verification process and get started with online Blackjack right away by claiming the welcome bonus.

Do I have to download any software to play Blackjack at Winissimo?
No, you do not have to download any software. The various casino games featured by us can be played via a modern browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, and load up almost identically to their native application counterparts.

What is the house edge in Blackjack?
There is no fixed house edge with respect to online Blackjack. There are several variants, all with slightly different rules, and the house edge varies depending on which you are playing.

What is the basic Blackjack strategy?
Basic Blackjack strategy is all about making correct mathematical decisions. There is no need to actually do any math yourself. However, it is possible to mathematically determine which decision gives you the best chance of winning a hand in any given situation.

Is online Blackjack the same as Live Blackjack?
The basic rules of Blackjack are the same regardless of whether you are playing on the Internet or in a live casino.
There are obviously no physical cards involved when playing at an online casino, which means a Random Number Generator determines which cards are dealt, but this doesn’t have any real impact on the way the game is played.

Can the actions of other players affect my Blackjack game?
The actions of other players never actually impact the mathematical expectation of the game. The simple fact is that they are equally likely to help you win as lose.

What are side bets in Blackjack?
Side bets in Blackjack are additional bets that are commonly placed during a standard game of Blackjack.

Is it good to place a side bet in Blackjack?
One of the main reasons why players place side bets is due to the fact that it offers longer odds for higher player wins.

Is Blackjack different from 21?
No, Blackjack and 21 are terms used to refer to the same game and thus, they are not different.

Are Online Blackjack machines rigged?
Blackjack machines use a random-number generator software algorithm to determine the outcome and thus, it is impossible for them to be rigged.

Is Blackjack a game of skill or luck?
Blackjack is known to be a game of both skill and luck because you need a bit of both in order to win or beat your opponents.

Can we count cards in Blackjack?
Counting cards on any form of Blackjack is illegal and casinos have taken adequate measures to prevent players from engaging in such activities.

Can Blackjack winnings be taxable?
Every player is liable to pay taxes on their winnings and thus Blackjack winnings are also taxable.

Can you make money from Blackjack?
Making money at Blackjack requires you to understand and know the game to perfection and avoid making mistakes as you keep playing.

Can Blackjack dealers cheat?
The manner in which the game is set up or the mechanics of dealing cards makes it almost impossible to cheat.

What are the differences between online and offline Blackjack?
The pace of the game is different for online and offline Blackjack because in offline Blackjack, you will have to make instant decisions.

What is 21+3 in Blackjack?
21+3 or 21+3 extreme is an optional bonus wager that pays out based on the specific poker value of three cards that have been dealt.

What do you mean by split in Blackjack?
Blackjack Split is a specific option where players are given the option of splitting the cards into separate hands and will then receive an additional card for each hand.

Which is the best time to hit in Blackjack?
The best time to hit in Blackjack is generally when holding a hand of 10 or 12-15 and standing on anything 17 and over.

When should you surrender in Blackjack?
Surrender in Blackjack is an option that players use to give up half their bet once they realise that they have less than a 50% chance of winning against the dealer.

Is Blackjack better than roulette?
While Blackjack is known to have better odds than Roulette, it depends on how you play and adjust to the different rules and regulations of each of these games.

What is house edge in Blackjack?
The house edge is a term used to refer to the percentage that a casino wins over the long-term with a specific game. The percentage is specific to the casino game.

Why is Blackjack so popular?
Blackjack is known to be a game that is easy to understand and also has a low house edge. Hence, it is a popular casino game.

Who wins a tie in Blackjack?
A tie or a push is a move where the player won’t win anything nor will they lose anything. It happens when the dealer finishes the hand with the same point total that the player holds.

What happens if you tie in Blackjack?
If you end up facing a tie Blackjack, the bets will be returned without any kind of adjustment.

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