The Different Blackjack Variations For You To Try Out!

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Blackjack is perhaps the only card game with many different variants, allowing players the ability to enjoy it in a multitude of ways. The many variations of the game result from players’ core interest in it for many years and hence many experienced gamblers have created new options and moves to the game. 

Today’s casinos take into account the wishes and interests of several preference groups and offer different classic game variations. Winissimo is one such place where you can play different popular variants of the game.

This is a fun opportunity for players who enjoy trying new concepts and learning with every game. And for novices who do not know how to play the game, click here to find out the complete guide.

The classic game is available in nearly every land-based casino. You can still find the different iterations in only particular locations since they are procured from specific gaming tech providers. However, now almost all casinos encourage their players to play their favourite casino game and its variants over the internet. 

Benefits of Playing Variations of Blackjack

Players will never get tired of Blackjack because this game has several variants. Even if you try out these variants one by one, you still will not be able to play them all for a long duration. This shows how popular the game of Blackjack is all over the globe. The game introduces much more variety as players can explore all manner of various combos in multiple locations. Few variations stand out, although others only stand out from the original form of Blackjack.

However, no matter what version of online Blackjack you try, it is worth noting that you should closely examine the variations as in most situations, changes to the basic strategy are needed. Many variants include additional facets which require time and other information to be followed correctly. All and all this is why if people enjoy the classic version of them, it would be wise to refrain from taking any chances. If they want to be secure, they should adhere to the good old rules of Blackjack.

Blackjack variations based on the basic rules of the game 

There are hundreds of different Blackjack versions worldwide, and most of them differ based on their basic rules of playing. Many of these are around playing tactics like splitting, doubling or surrendering. They all even influence the house edge. There are other variants too depending on the number of decks used to play, the casino’s odds or the standing position of the dealer.

These small variations are critical to remember since they affect players’ long-term potential return. Playing conditions also influence the optimal strategic choices. Players will have to change their strategy and gameplay choices according to the table’s rules they are playing at. 

Blackjack variations based on shuffling techniques 

Shuffling methods can affect a player’s ability to count cards. The technique of card counting is efficient in table-shuffling with humans and also against the automatic shufflers. But many card tables have started using continuous shuffling devices. These machines do not work in favour of players who depend on card counting to play the game.

But please remember while using your brain only to use this technique is completely fine whereas using any particular devices or instrument to count cards may land you in trouble.

Blackjack variations based on payouts 

Blackjack games in some casinos operate at 6:5 blackjack odds of payout instead of regular 3:2 payout. Based on initial appearances, this might not look like a massive deal, but it may have long-term implications. The 6:5 payouts are mostly seen at the double deck and single deck tables.

Blackjack variations based on doubling down 

Online and land-based casino operators will also permit players to double down on any of the initial two cards they’re given, whether they have a high or low total. In some instances, this can add to a player’s worth because the dealer began with a weak hand and is more prone to losing the round. 

The operators are mindful of this, and thus many of them only allow players to double down on totals 9 through 11. Good Blackjack tables allow players to double down even after splitting. A game where doubling after splitting is unavailable has a house edge of 0.14%.

Blackjack variations based on differences in splitting rules

The number of times players are permitted to split can also vary according to the location you are playing. Many online blackjack variants allow you to split pairs a total of 3 times to not more than 4 hands. There are specific exceptions for pairs that include aces. Four cards are dealt with two players, and one card is dealt with each.

There are few variants of play 21 that comes with the RSA rule, which provides for the resplitting of aces. This reduces the house edge since the best card that a blackjack player can begin a hand with is an ace.

Blackjack variations based on the choice to surrender

Some online or live casinos do not provide the option of surrendering away the first 2 cards dealt in your hand. Casinos that promise to do so usually encourage surrender after the dealer has offered insurance or peeks for a natural.

Blackjack variations with side bets 

Some variants of Blackjack have side bets enabled, for people to try them out. Side bets have favourable effects on the casinos’ profits in the long run. As a basic rule, these bets have a more significant house edge, and that is why players should not try to experiment with them. Another noteworthy point to note is that the casino’s advantage on side bets is closely tied to the pay tables. The payouts are not precisely the same at all gaming locations.

  • The most popular Blackjack side bet at a Live Blackjack table is Perfect Pairs.
  • 21+3 is another popular side bet that enjoys attention from adventurous players. This side bet is won when the player’s first 2 cards and the dealer’s first card create a proper Poker hand. The payout will depend on the rank of your Poker hand.
  • Lucky Ladies is another side bet popular among Blackjack players. This is effective when a player has a starting hand of a total of 20 or paired queens. Like King’s Bounty is a similar side bet. The top payout of 1,000 to 1 happens with a pair of the king of spades whenever the dealer gets a natural. 
  • If the dealer goes past 21 with a specified number of cards with the Buster side bet, you are paid out. The amount of money the Buster pays out is directly proportional to the number of cards the dealer draws to the bust.

Things to consider before starting to play a new Blackjack variation

More seasoned gamblers get acquainted with the rules before trying out any new variant or sitting at a new table or playing at a new online casino. Also, the fact that many casinos have developed their guidelines is something worth considering. This is why gamblers need to understand the rules of the specific Blackjack variant they play and analyse the casino they’ll head to.

Most common Blackjack variations

There are many Blackjack variations such as Spanish 21, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, Double Attack Blackjack, and several more. Each version of the game is different, giving the player a different probability of having the edge over the respective casino. This is because each version has its laws and rules, and if a particular strategy works for one version, it might not work for another. 

Let’s explore some Blackjack variants to figure out what renders them the most popular among Blackjack lovers.  

Spanish 21 

This variant of the game has become popular in most online and live casinos. In the Spanish 21 variant, there are no 10’s in the deck. The less value ten cards in the deck, the bigger an advantage the dealer has over the player.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

This is an increasingly common variant of blackjack, ubiquitous in Las Vegas, but it is also available at many online casinos. Although the rules are almost the same as in classic Blackjack, you must consider certain subtleties. 

Players need to realise that certain casinos modify the rules at some stage, which is why they should always understand them properly before diving in. Different attributes can include whether the dealer stands on soft 17 or hits or the number of decks included.

European Blackjack

The only difference between this edition of online Blackjack and the standard one is how the cards are handled or dealt. In basic Blackjack, all players get two cards to begin the game. One is face-up, the other is down. Conversely, European Blackjack requires the player to start with one card, face-up and receives their second card only after all the other players have finished their hands. 

Chinese Blackjack 

Chinese Blackjack comes from China and is played more during the Chinese new year. In this variation, all players need to hit a 16 or more, and the dealer also can opt to hit again before making any bets by looking at a specific player’s hand. The rules for this game are not the same as that of standard Blackjack. 

Blackjack Double Exposure 

This is a fascinating way to play Blackjack, where the cards of the dealer are seen before the players make a decision. The tremendous advantage to the players is evident. This is compensated by the rule that the dealer wins every tie. One exception to the rule says: if the dealer and the player both seem to have Blackjack, they will be given back the bet amount. 

Getting a Blackjack gets paid out at 1:1, so this is a loss on the players’ part. This is a new twist on the gameplay. The aggregate house edge is close to that of other variants.

Blackjack Switch 

This is a very new and innovative Blackjack variant game. The fundamental essence of the game is that the player will play two hands at once. To boost one hand of cards, you can switch cards from the other hands.  

Being able to do so is a significant advantage for the player. To make amends for that, much of the other rules are deliberately weighted in favour of the dealer. 


We hope that you genuinely comprehend online Blackjack variants having read this post. You can try many of these variants like Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Blackjack etc. at Winissimo.

Blackjack can be fun and exciting but remember that whatever version you want to try, it is essential to grasp the rules, employ a tactic or strategy, choose a trustworthy casino site and then enjoy playing.